Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Easter Update!

Jesus said to her, “I am the resurrection and the life.  Those who believe in me, even though they die, will live…“  (John 11:25, NRSV)

“So if you’re serious about living this new resurrection life with Christ, act like it.  Pursue the things over which Christ presides.  Don’t shuffle along, eyes to the ground, absorbed with the things right in front of you.  Look up, and be alert to what is going on around Christ—that’s where the action is.  See things from his perspective.“  (Colossians 3:1-2, The Message)

Hello all,

We pray your time of Lent and culmination in celebrating the resurrection of our Lord Jesus has led you to new revelation of His goodness and incredible mercy shown to you on a daily basis.  Truly He has great purposes for us in all that He calls us to undertake!

Praying for the Nations
We are excited to be helping set up and dedicate a room on campus to be a Prayer Room for the unreached-unengaged people groups still on earth.  We will be putting in maps and info on various peoples, but mostly be leaving blank spaces for anyone, staff, student or visitor, to come in and hear God's heart for the lost, write down what they receive and prophesy it out.
I'm sure all of you have heard the tragic news of so many believers targeted and slaughtered in Sri Lanka, and we grieve with their families.  However, we also know this is nothing new and it is what Jesus told His followers to actually expect.  May it be a reminder for us to not grow weary in interceding for the Kingdom of Light penetrating the darkness in every country and nation around the globe.  You may not have heard, but Sudan's long-time dictator, Omar al-Bashir, perpetrator of countless abuses on his people (both in the north and the south) since taking over in a coup back in 1989, was recently deposed after protestors demanded his removal in the capital of Khartoum.  While many of us, including friends of ours that had served there and were kicked out alongside most other westerners in 2013, see this as a merciful answer to prayer, we also know it will be a challenging leadership transition and need to continue to pray for God-fearing leaders to fill the void and help usher in freedom for the many peoples of Sudan.  Of course, we continue to intercede for its troubled neighbor, South Sudan, praying that peace and development would finally begin there.  As the leaders are working on a new transitional government, agreed on last fall, may they receive conviction from the Lord that true leadership is about serving others interests and not their own.
What God has us doing
Thandi and I are now both serving with our local church, Church For All Nations, her on the Welcome Team with her big smile and contagious laugh and me getting some good experience behind the bar of the coffee shop, learning to make lattes and the like:)  This has given me some good customer service experience so I can better assist behind the bar in my new role at Kairos Coffee House as well.  I have volunteered to assist our new manager, Danny, a fellow staff on the BAM team, who is very gifted in coffee and people!  I am more behind the scenes, learning what it takes to run a successful business by running the books/weekly deposits, payroll every two weeks (we have 8 paid employees), and helping with maintenance and new projects.  We recently added on a new patio seating area just in time for the sunny summer here.  It has been great to build relationships with our employees, a few of whom don’t know the Lord personally yet, and seeking ways to be intentional in serving them and exercising the love of Christ.
Quick Testimony:  One of our employees recently opened up to me about a relationship he was struggling to navigate and needed to make a hard decision about.  I shared after listening and prayed for him after in full view of some our customers, many of whom know and appreciate why we operate.  The guy then came back the following week, and thanked me for the advice and prayer, giving him the courage to do what he knew was right.
I have also taken on a new role as Resident Assistant for the student hall on the other side of campus, so have been much more involved in giving orientation and helping new students with practical needs about their living arrangements. I also help with maintenance one day a week, which has led me to learn how to wire and install new heater/AC units among other things:).

I will now be taking a break from the weekly ESL classes through the local refugee placement program, as this next week we have our Spring staff conference on base and then the School of Business and Entrepreneurship (SOBE) commencing the following week.  It's been pretty fun working with the two guys from Eritrea and Afghanistan, though at times challenging to get them to focus and actually progress. It's like they are long lost brothers, always kidding and giving each other a hard time in jest.  Toor, the Afghan, I have been able to give a Pashtoo Torah and Dari New Testament, while I have been able to encourage Natinael, the Eritrean from an orthodox church background, to understand God is personal and wants to reveal His perfect will for his life.
I will be full-time staff on SOBE, which means attending all the classes as well as making time to meet one-on-one with three of the male students and grading their weekly assignments.  This year is the largest school to date with 21 students from various nations, the majority of which coming with business ideas they hope to refine and take to least reached nations!

Massage Parlor Ministry [Thandi Newsbite]
Happy late Easter from our family to yours!  We apologize for sending this update a bit late.  There are just so many things that are happening in our  ministry and we have just needed to sit with God to process and see things through His perspective. Our local reach team of ladies had our Easter massage parlor outreach on this last Saturday the 20th.  It was really such a blessing to see how many churches and community members showed up for the outreach. We are so thankful to God for providing gifts and Chinese literature that we were able to give out as gifts.  Since it was a big group of non-Ywamers we split up into groups and went to the different spots that we go to during the week on Thursdays. We encountered some different responses from the places that we went to: some were happy to see us and allowed us to share the gospel and pray for them, while others were quite closed off to the point of almost being hostile, thinking we are coming to monitor their activities.  
Our team was so surprised at how welcoming the ladies were and we really just saw the hunger from them as they wanted to learn more about this Jesus. We had such powerful times of prayer and were able to give prophetic words. In my team we had two Chinese prayer warriors and it was so amazing to watch them prophesying in their own language and seeing the women receiving those words. Other places that we went to the doors were shut in our faces and the ladies refused to take anything from us including gifts and prayers.  That was a bit disappointing as our team has gone to this particular place before and have found this lady to be open and very hospitable, so we don’t know what happened there but should also not be surprised when we face resistance from the enemy trying to control this trade.  The other place that we went to we could just feel the atmosphere changing, but we felt we should go to the building and see if anyone would answer.  We rang the bell about 3 times and no answer but we could see the lights on and heard the music playing.  We heard from Holy Spirit to pray outside the building and to leave the gift bags outside the door.  Another team that had two Chinese church members reported back of them leading two Chinese immigrants to the Lord in tears. We praise God with the work He is doing in these women!
Please continue to pray for our team and I has we seek for God’s will and direction in the hard places that we go to, that He will be giving us specific strategies on how to best minister to these ladies that feel they are forgotten.  One thing we are really looking into is other job opportunities for them.  I so appreciate each of you lifting us up and the role you each play to see God writing new things in the lives of these ladies. 

Prayer Points
·       Fruitful time in upcoming SOBE as I go through it a second time and refine my business plan while also pouring into others
·       Wrapping up homeschool year well with the kids and adjusting of curriculum for next year
·       Partnerships in Colorado Springs for job creation among the ladies Thandi is ministering to
·       I, Bryan, am praying about a possible trip to Turkey after the SOBE with an Iranian brother from our church who works with both refugees there and Turkish youth; we would run an English camp for them and would like at doing a BAM teaching alongside plenty of soccer ministry!

**Lastly, let’s remember to be praying for our Muslim brothers and sisters as Ramadhan begins May 5 and goes through to June 4th.  This is a special season for committed muslims who are more expectant in this time for God to be close to them and hear their prayers, and we always pray for revelation of our Lord Jesus to come in power during this time of fasting for them, breaking through the motions of religion passed on for generations and bringing true peace and hope! Here is the link to the annual 30-day prayer guide:
We are blessed to be a part of such a large mission community here, and often get news from around the world of what God is doing through our all-staff email.  We hope to encourage you with this recent update about more movement of Holy Spirit, this time in Algeria, and pray it goes beyond its borders during the coming time of Ramadhan:
For His glory among all nations,
B, T, B and E