Monday, May 7, 2018

Update on our move to Colorado

"...and He Himself bore our sins in His body on the cross, so that we might die to sin and live to righteousness; for by His wounds you were healed."  -- 1 Peter 2:24 (NASB)

Hello all,

A very late Happy Resurrection Day...He is risen indeed!  We are so sorry for not letting you know all at once our sudden change in plans from the initial plan of moving out by April 1st, Easter Sunday.  While the circumstances were not ideal for the change of plans (not having any housing available yet on the CO base campus, and some confusion with our lease agreement), we are very much grateful and see God's hand in having this extra month to wrap things up well here in East Texas.

Thus, the latest is we will be moving out and hitting the road May 1st and staying that night with friends in Amarillo, TX.  Then, the next day, we will hopefully arrive not too late at the CO Springs base, where student housing will be waiting for us.  I then promptly begin the first day of lectures for the School of Business and Entrepreneurship the next day, May 3rd.

Please PRAY that we will not need to pay further into the month of May, as our current lease now only ends May 9th but our landlord assures us he is doing what he can to see we only pay up to the 1st (this is because I didn't give our 60-day notice confirming our move until March 9th, a little clause I was admittedly ignorant about).

Please also PRAY for staff housing to open up for us after the 6-week intensive course is over, since then we will need to move out of student housing and begin the process of making a new home.  Lastly, PRAY for some quality one-on-one times with dear friends and neighbors, both those walking with the Lord as Lord of their life and those still seeking how to.  Pray especially that I get at least one more good time meeting with my Gambian friend, Shariffo, among the many others I regularly play soccer with and hear about their faith and challenges.

We do PRAISE God we are getting furniture and other large items sold bit by bit, so we can have some budget set aside for buying again when we need to in late June.  Busi is also very grateful she can now finish out most the school year with her friends and the teachers she loves.  As I had already made arrangements to hand over my classes to a new teacher that had felt God pushing her to step into the need, I have largely stepped away from school responsibilities (other than library and preparing for the school track meet) and am able to join my old roofing crew to earn some extra cash as well.

New Way to Partner with Us!
Having been accepted as staff, we are now able to receive online donations via the very organized YWAM Colorado Springs website...It's very easy to do, and everything, no matter how small, is tax-deductible:
We do not get a donation code designated to us until our first donation comes in, so you can simply select "Don't know code" from the dropdown option, and then put in Bryan or Thandi Whitlock when "Staff Name" pops up.  Let me know if the Lord leads you to give and there is any confusion with the process.

Thank you all again for prayers in this new transition time for us as a family...we definitely feel them and see God's favor in the little things!

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