Saturday, May 26, 2018

Happy Spring from Colorado Springs!

Greetings from YWAM Colorado Springs!

We came into the base running as the School of Business and Entrepreneurship had its welcome night the day after we arrived.  In the first week my business plan for a recycling center in South Sudan was one of the few selected to work on in groups as a Lean Startup, and so I had to give a 3-min PowerPoint pitch by that Friday.  Talk about jumping right in!  I also have classmates with plans like starting an eco-friendly resort in Papua New Guinea, a coffee shop and roastry in Tel Aviv, mobile hair salon in India, as well as a Stevia farm in Morocco.  Very cool businesses to take off and operate in such a way that they create gainful employment and model the ways of Jesus in all they do.  It is amazing and exciting to see all the possibilities for Kingdom partnership in stewarding the resources God has given us to create wealth, transform societies, and change worldviews.

We just finished the halfway point in the training, and it is steadily getting more challenging as we bring together all the details of a successful business plan.  I am really seeking God if BAM (Business as Mission) is what He is calling us to as a family, not wanting to limit what He can do through us simply because we don't have business backgrounds and it can be very intimidating!  I am more and more convinced impacting the business sphere in developing nations brings truly sustainable development, especially in many parts of Africa where there is great need to restore dignity of the people and expand job opportunities.

Prayer Points:
- Please keep us in prayer for our housing situation.  We are still not certain of our place in the line for staff housing on base, knowing there are a number of families on the waiting list for family rooms.  We are researching apartment complexes in the area as a backup after the school finishes, though really feel it is best for us to stay on base, living, being discipled and discipling others in community, and not getting too isolated as a family.  All in all, we trust the Lord will place us where we need to be for at least these next two years as we grow in Him as a family.

-Please also pray for clarity on the right school to locally register with for homeschooling the kids, beginning in August.  We are hoping to use a mix of curriculum from the local school and our own we have received from the TFN training in Texas.

In our second week here we had a pretty cool testimony happen.  One of the mornings I stepped out of the classroom to use the bathroom when I noticed a boy on a sofa crying and really struggling to breath.  I could see it was an asthma attack and he managed to tell me his mom was running to get the inhaler, but I could see he was really in bad shape.  So I just laid a hand on him and declared peace in Jesus’ Name, asking the Lord to calm him down and heal his condition completely.
Just a moment passed and his breathing totally relaxed, and he yelled in surprise, “I can breath!”  His mom was running from the other side of the hall and he was telling her, "It's ok, someone prayed for me and I'm fine now!"  She came running and was surprised and relieved to see him totally fine.  Her and her husband are doing the DTS here with three kids.  They both thanked me, though I reminded them it is all thanks to our Father who cares for us so much.

Thanks for Giving & Partnering with Us!
To follow-up on the previous info we had sent on a new way to give, our donor number is 677 on the YWAM Colorado Springs website (  So those of you who prefer giving online, you just need to punch that in when prompted.  This is the same website we have used to help support Sudanese staff from time to time, so we know it is very reliable and receipts are given promptly.  A few of you have already given and we are so appreciative, helping us pay off this entrepreneurial course right away!  

Thank you again for partnering with us as we continue to seek alignment with God's purposes in the nations and get the equipping we need as a family.  Your prayers are felt and so appreciated!
For His glory among all nations...
B, T, B and E

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