Thursday, August 6, 2015

Off to YWAM Tyler, Texas....

Hello dear friends and partners in the Kingdom,

We had actually written out half an update before leaving our beloved Cape Town, but never actually sent anything out.  I apologize about that, and am grateful we were still able to meet up with so many of our support team at Birchwood Pres. as well as others around WA state.  We are, however, missing dearly many friends and family back in South Africa, and the reality that we have essentially moved from South Africa (planning to head to South Sudan from here) is really sinking in for Thandi and making for quite a difficult transition.  We thank God that the ministries we were leading or involved in back in Cape Town are being carried on by other laborers with the same heart to see people’s lives truly transformed by following Jesus, and not just seeing converts adding on another mantra to their life.  Here is what our home base in YWAM Muizenberg wrote for us when they prayed to commission us out…
Bryan & Thandi & Family: We are saying good-bye to these guys and we will be so sad to see them go as they have been so part of our community.  Bryan and his family have brought to our community a passion for unreached people and hard places.  This family has brought to our community the grounding and the grassroots that we so desperately need.  We will have a whole in our community even though we are excited to be a platform to send people out, this is the bitter sweet part of bring YWAM Muizenberg. They have a heart to stay connected with this base and to one day receive teams.  Thandi will be doing a 9month school in YWAM Taylor to be more equipped as a teacher before going to Sudan. Brian will be taking care of the kids and plugging with the strategic missions guys over there. And then off to Sudan when ever the Lord leads them!

We are grateful they are not sending us off, but out, that we can remain connected to this base at the foot of Africa for future partnerships in seeing God’s Kingdom built through the precious, creative peoples across Africa.  I plan to give updates of how specific co-laborers we worked with are carrying on in the Great Commission in our next update, as well as some of the testimonies God surprised us with right up to the time of our leaving.  But for now we just need to clearly get the news out of what is next for us!

The beautiful summertime has passed so fast here in WA state, and we are literally leaving this morning for the long drive to YWAM Tyler, Texas.  We are stretching it out over six nights to make it enjoyable, and I have even managed to talk Thandi into camping one night in Yellowstone on the wayJ.  That is where we will actually meet up with my parents (who have graciously hosted us this past month and a half), and they will join us in checking out YWAM Strategic Frontiers base at Colorado Springs for a couple days, where we hope to network with friends and just enjoy the area.  From there, they will head back north while we carry on to the great Lone Star State.  It has been great to be able to share with a couple of your small groups in more detail about what Thandi’s school is about and what I hope to be doing with the Strategic Missions staff team and personal research, but any of you that would look to know more, please write back to us personally!  In case you missed before, the website for the Teachers for the Nations school is:  The Christian Heritage School mentioned is what Busi will be attending and Thandi will be doing practical work with them in afternoons.  We leave a bit early for Busi to get tested to go into the Kindergarten, prayers are appreciated for that on the 13th!  We also have a mobile number in the States now: 360-389-6772

Speaking of Busi, she just turned 5, and I don’t think I sent out the edited cut of the Education promo video Busi helped out in, so enjoy!....
Also, here is a very well-made documentary focusing in on Lavender Hill, Cape Town, which is where the community we want to continue to partner with, Hillview, is located.  I highly recommend checking it out just for a better understanding of the tension that is modern-day South Africa: We have been giving towards our friends Edwin and Angela, who run a soup kitchen from their garage, and now have committed to see ten new children going to school in this next school year.

·         - Being able to hear two Malawian brothers from Muslim backgrounds I have walked with over the years confess their faith in Christ Jesus and desire to follow Him…praise God for Jafta and Musa!
·        -  Breakthroughs in Lorraine’s house church in Phillippi (more on that to come)
·         - Being able to help support South African missionaries, and hearing reports back of how God used them to move in the opposite spirit of the xenophobic attacks against foreign Africans and bring true healing and understanding of God’s Spirit (more on that as well, from our brother Sizwe)
·         - Great times with family and friends and church family in Bellingham and Seattle areas
·        -  Amazing ongoing financial support and love from our church and supporters (including being blessed with a 2011 Rav4 in great condition!…thanks Loeppkys!)

·        -  Pray that we may network by the Spirit’s leading with others preparing to head for the Frontiers, and also widen our support base
·         - For Busi’s testing to enter Kindergarten on Aug. 13th
·         - Thandi to enter into the school strong and not be getting too homesick; that I may be the support she needs along with the Lord in this time, and we hear His voice about the future timing of things together

Much love in Christ, our hope of glory among all nations!

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