Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Christmas Greetings & Family Prayer Request

HI all and Merry Christmas!

As the days draw closer to the end of another year and we take time to meditate on why our God chose to send His only Son into this broken world, I am reminded again of what a privilege it is to live in such a diverse community, all testifying to the truth that Jesus is the Only One who unites all nations/peoples to the point where they take joy in serving and learning from one another.  Three times a week I get to play pick-up soccer matches with local guys who I have built relationships with over the years, and at any one time there are at least 10 nations represented.  I jokingly call our team (as we sometimes organize ourselves to play full matches against other clubs) the United Nations, though we are still praying to see that true unity in Christ for all who come.

This morning I was privileged (through the faithful prison ministry of a former student on the DTS I staffed earlier this year) to be able to share at a very unique Christmas program at South Africa's most infamous prison, Pollsmoor.  What a blessing it is to be able to go and speak hope to those who think there is none left for them, and see that glimmer of reality which is sparked by Truth once again finding His way back in to their hearts and minds and calling them out to see there is still a way forward to true life and purpose!  I was initially a bit intimidated to be just mingling in the common yard among so many youths 18-25 year olds, covered in their numbers tattoos (26,27 or 28, check history of South African gangs if you want to know more) and just looking dangerous, but soon enough greetings took place with some and then deeper conversations came out of that.  I was able towards the end, after we took most of the time individually praying, listening and sharing with them, to share from Romans 8:28, stating that God has called them into a relationship where they can love Him and those around them, but it all flows from them first receiving His love and continues in receiving it.  Receiving and walking in God's love is not only the foundation of our faith but is our ongoing goal!  It is not about the good I try to do but about allowing God's goodness, through the Spirit of Grace, to flow through me and redeem.  I got to talk personally with strong believers, Muslims who truly thought the Koran was written before the Bible and lovingly share with them the contrary and speaking prophetically over them, as well as just praying and declaring the victory of Jesus over the work of the enemy in their lives.  I really loved the time, and hope to be able to go back soon, as long as I will be able to get a permit again.


I have attached the vision of an amazing family we have gotten to know since God brought them to South Africa last December for further training, and we would highly appreciate it if you could read over it and pray about possibly giving towards their financial need of flying the family back to South Sudan ASAP.  We have been able to give a bit here and there, but I know God is personally challenging me for a greater freewill offering, and have been sharing and praying with Thandi what that looks like.  This is the same couple I mentioned on another update about going to re-pioneer the work in Wau, northern part of South Sudan, and I can say they are the real deal.  The wife is from Nuba mountains and has lost most of her family over the years of government-sponsored bombing and village raiding campaigns, but she is sold out for building the Kingdom of God among the ashes with her husband, and they have such a gentle authority about them.  Their family picture is attached.  Just let me know if you feel led to give any specific amount to them that I can pass on, as we also are asking the Lord.


Yesterday, Busi and I bought 100 bars of Sunlight soap to be able to play a part in the 100 Christmas parcels our family friends will be distributing to needy families during Christmas, as I mentioned in our last update.  We also plan to be around for distribution and praying for the people into the new year, listening to their hopes and aspirations.  I will get an update from the family with all the statistics of community improvement through the simple soup kitchen ministry they started in Lavender Hill three years ago, which we have now been able to support through bringing students to serve and just be with the people.

The Whitlock clan is all very excited for Grammy (Mama Whitlock, or 'Mama Kristin', as most African cultures would call her, naming her after her eldest child) to be coming just after Christmas and the day before Elisha's 2nd birthday.  As it may be our last Christmas with Thandi's family for many years we were planning to drive up there again to be with them, but then decided we will be able to see them on the way back from a cross-country road trip we will be doing with Grammy in January before Busi's preschool begins again. Oh ja, we forgot  to say that Busi did wonderful in both her drama presentations as well as the Christmas play.  She sung the loudest and most clearly 'Silent Night' in Slovakian, and the teachers joked that she sings Slovakian more clearly than the Slovakian student:)  
Anyhow, Grammy is excited to be able to see Gogo (Thandi's mom) and her sisters in Joburg on the road trip we will be taking up to Kruger Park (something we had to see before moving from SA). Now, we are also looking forward to having some of Thandi's family come down and join us for Christmas in Cape Town, and know they won't be disappointed!

Lastly, we as Frontier Missions were able to join with our base in commissioning a wonderful couple, Markus and Evie, to be living among a people in the Middle East this last week.  They will be learning Arabic and the culture of the people, and seek different roads of building relationships and the community for the long-term.  We have been working with them for a number of years now, and we plan to keep in touch and support of one another, even as we seek for Muizenberg base to forge stronger ties to those they send out long-term, especially to the Frontier regions among the last and least-reached peoples.

Many thanks again as you continue to battle and declare the Lord's Kingdom come in full this Christmas season!

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