Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Blessed 2015....Prayer Feedback

Happy final day of 2014!

We just wanted to shoot out a quick update to say Christopher and his family got a great flight deal through the help of missionary partners from Colorado Springs base on Christmas Eve day.  We as a family were also able to help them with some immediate needs this side by sending some Rand through, knowing how important it is to return to family with some form of gifts, and even moreso at Christmastime!  They are so appreciative of your prayers and some of you that expressed a desire to give towards them via us, we will sending a check for them to the Colorado base in January, as they process the family's support globally and will send a wire through to them. You can also give to them directly if you feel led to do so.  This base helps process support for many African missionary families, esp. in South Sudan.
So here are details in case anyone is led for future:
Donations can be sent to: YWAM Strategic Frontiers, PO BOX 60579, Colorado Springs, CO 80960. Please make checks payable to "YWAM" and do not write "Sudan" anywhere on the check. Enclose a note that states "Sud- Christopher and Hanan" to let us know how to use your gift.

To make a donation online, you can go to

Otherwise, we are so blessed to have spent Christmas with two of Thandi's sisters and a niece, and now have Mom with us fresh from her 33-hr. journey from the states:)  Busi was so excited to see her in the morning that she cried as they hugged.  And Elisha was in car/truck heaven as we celebrated his 2nd birthday on the 29th.  Even our niece Abigail Kutlwano calls her 'Grammy' and was all over her the two days we all got to be together.  Now we are planning our road trip to see some of the country we haven't yet, and visit some old friends along the way.  We will travel east through the entire Eastern Cape and into Kwa-Zulu Natal before resting a bit in Mpumalanga province to see Kruger Park for the first time.  We will then pass through Gauteng to see rest of family and church family in Jo'burg before heading back to Western Cape via Free State Province.  Pray for me to keep alert on the road and the kids not to go crazy!

Train Ministry:
Over the holidays I have been joining my gangster-turned-evangelist friend in outreach, including some time spent preaching on the crowded trains to town and back.  This morning was especially blessed as I brought along a Cameroonian student who shared his testimony of losing both his parents as a young boy and having no family to God's redemptive power in now giving him family all over the world through the Body of Christ.  I also preached about God's love for all nations and cultures, especially in this amazing country where so many nations have come from across Africa and the world, and that we need to seek to bring glory to God through honoring and serving one another within our cultural uniqueness.  We had amazing conversations with Muslims, Rastafarians and Jehovah's Witnesses as we boldly proclaimed in unity the need to follow the Truth, as Jesus spoke of himself (John 14:6), and could feel the Lord driving out the distractions of the enemy as we simply gave thanks for who He is to all mankind!

Christmas Hamper Feedback:
We gathered on the 23rd Oom (Uncle) Edwin's house in Hillview, Lavender Hill.  This is the family that runs a soup kitchen out of their home every Tuesday afternoon, while still caring for their three children and Ouma (Grannie).  The latter half of this year I started going regularly and taking DTS students with. We would arrive a little early, help prepare the food and big pot of stew, while also greeting and chatting with everyone who was already lined up.  then we would pray together and challenge one of the students to give a brief word before heading out into the community to minister to others who didn't show up.  These are people who are really struggling to get through each day, so this ministry is meeting a huge need, including even helping these single moms, aunties and uncles and other guardians to get their children into school where it wouldn’t have been an option otherwise because of the high cost of school fees.  I have always loved the openness of the people in Cape Town to receive prayer and this community is no different, but the barriers to their spiritual growth are massive indeed, and we are believing as they go deeper into the Word of Truth they will be able to take back what the enemy has stolen.
So on the final meeting on the 23rd, the family got enough donations together so that we would help to make a special Christmas meal and gift distribution possible.  We also passed out Christmas hampers that blessed nearly 50 impoverished families, many of these families openly Muslim.  What a testimony of God’s love for all!  The kids each also got little packets of toys and sweets mixed together, and Elisha was happy to play Santa’s helper with me after passing heaping plates of food through the bedroom window (see pic).  It is so amazing to me that Edwin has no steady job/income and yet he and his wife have the faith to continue to give out and be light in the community enveloped in the darkness of drug addiction, gangsterism, domestic abuse and so on.   
I had said I would get a digital form of their End-of-Year Report attached but they had some trouble getting the email to me.  Yet, here is a rundown of some of the numbers over the past year:
- Around 1500 people got food weekly
- 20 Shack fire victims got clothing and furniture along with assistance to rebuild
- Several people created income by starting to bring recycling (Edwin gathers recycling on large scale and brings to scrap yards, something I am trying to get the base more involved in, as there is no body in place to collect recycling from you)
- 45 Christmas hampers handed out valued at R10,000

It has been a blessing to be involved with this family and many others coming from gang-related backgrounds in rough communities now spreading the hope that is in Christ Jesus alone....
We wish you all a blessed and even more purposeful 2015!

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