Thursday, September 26, 2013

Update from Teaching Week in Johannesburg

Greetings from sunny eGoli ('City of Gold')!

I had hoped we could get out a prayer update BEFORE the 16-hour drive up here in one day, but just could not get any easy access to the net for a group email.  Since arriving back home Friday the 13th, we stepped into a whirlwind of activity before making our departure up to Johannesburg.  The weekend was spent cleaning up the house and making some changes  while many friends popped in to visit, and then the following week was our annual Staff At-home Conference.  It was a great time of connecting with the near 200 staff we now have at YWAM Cape Town and some great input and worship times, but was a real push as we were still battling jetlag. Busi made up for our lack of energy in her enthusiasm to get back to school with her friends (though her best friend Leila was just preparing to go on outreach with her parents to Thailand and will be away for two months:()

We were grateful to reconnect with nearly all from our Frontier Missions department and our in a season now of really seeking God and seeing what He is speaking to us as our unique calling within His Kingdom advance.  It was also a pleasure to see our long-time colleague now preparing to lead an outreach to the nation God has laid heavily on his heart--Turkey, knowing it was not easy for a local Xhosa young man to get to this point.

By God's grace, we made it safe up to Joburg and the old but trusty Nissan Sentra is still going strong, despite very freezing weather coming out of Cape Town (scraping hail that had piled up on the windshield at 5am) and a broken heater system:)
Attached you can see there is still a healthy sprinkling of snow on the pass just inland from the Cape, and it did indeed take some time for us to eventually warm up...lots of blankets in the car!

Other than a break-in today on the host's house of the compound we are staying on for the week (we were not affected and no one was hurt), it has been a great time seeing YWAM Joburg for the first time and its trademark Joseph Project facility that reaches out to inner city youth.  We are privileged to have been invited to share with the DTS (second time running from this location) in their final week before heading on outreach to India.

I am doubly excited to have Thandi along with me on this teaching trip, especially since the four students are all females and she has experience in doing outreach in the wonderfully exotic country of India:)  It has been fun to explore team teaching possibilities while having the kids around, and does indeed prove one of YWAM's values of putting families first!

We hope to get you some more photos soon, but please do PRAY for our remaining week, especially for our final day with the students when we will not only commission them, but hope to see something released in the Spirit as they pray prophetically over one another.  Our Wed. night fellowship sharing with a local church congregation for two hours went really well as we shared about Simple Church with the goal of seeing indigenous churches planted that go on to plant other churches by testifying about our time in Issore, South Sudan and utilizing  the Discovery Bible Study method, communicating the truth that anybody can do church!

Pray also for time on the weekend before driving back with Thandi's family, that we can be an unforeseen blessing to each of them (we stopped there first, as you can Elisha and Busi at Gogo's (Grandma) house in the second pic)

Thanks so much for joining us in this journey of faith and sharing of God's love to the nations...we feel so privileged and could not do it without you!
 In transit in Dubai airport hotel (UAE)...^
 The mountain pass just north of Cape was cold!^

For His glory among even the most remote and 'undeserving' nations,
B, T, B and E

p.s. Please also keep in PRAYER for the hostage situation at the shopping mall in Nairobi; we have friends there, and the possibility of violent backlash against all Somalis living in Nairobi (especially Eastleigh) is very real and scary (and detrimental to them receiving the gospel message for them as an unreached people group)

p.p.s. Here's a video we had to capture of Elisha pushing a chair (he does it all the time now, and will just keep going if you just turn him around:):

 Elisha was loving the dogs belonging to our Chinese-South African hosts!^
 We got the school leader involved in giving a crash course on Indian toilets (among other things:)^
It has been so enjoyable to teach for the first time along with Thandi, and see her passion coming alive!^ (Hope she'll allow me to post a picture of her upfront:)