Wednesday, September 7, 2011

(Some) of what God is doing through YWAM Muizenberg...

Truly it has been exciting to get back in the fold of what God is doing just in this key city of Cape Town, and how we as YWAM get to join in with the transformation in people's lives. I always feel privileged when I think about living in such a beautiful city, but also in such a culturally diverse and strategic city to train up different nations of people and reach out to the nations.

One of the main areas staff and students from our base minister in is a settlement affectionately known as "Masi". Initially known as Site 5, the township was renamed Masiphumelele by its residents, which is a Xhosa word meaning "We will succeed". Most of the early residents emigrated from the traditional Xhosa homelands of Ciskei and Transkei in the Eastern Cape, though today you also get many people from other African nations coming to Cape Town for work and a better quality of life. The problem is where they settle down is an even lesser quality of life, living in shacks of sheet metal and cardboard and repeatedly faced with the realities of crime and freak accidents, such as a massive house fire that blew out of control this last May and destroyed hundreds of homes.

YWAM has been receiving teams here over the years and working alongside Floyd and Sally McClung's All-Nations organisation in establishing simple house churches that gets to the core of people's heart and needs. Recently, we have a team that God has enabled to rent a large place that a major druglord used to operate out of, and are now using the grounds redemptively to see people be healed and truly receive the Lord Jesus as their personal Savior. They describe as nothing other than "revival" that God is doing in their midst and in this needy community, so full of poverty, thievery and drunkenness. It is amazing to hear these testimonies and possibly return there to take part in the harvest.

TOP PICTURE: Taking part in one of our staff member's ministry at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology. It is amazing to see the hunger of these "secular" students to bring God's Word and presence into EVERY area of their lives. This was a time of worship, and I was thoroughly blessed:

Here are a few fun pics of Busi getting out with her best friend Leila at a local petting zoo. The turkey startled her quite a bit, but she recovered!

BOTTOM PICTURE: The beginning of our house church in Overcome at Mama Mudi's was great time to get to know each other, and our hearts to see the impoverished community transformed by the hope that is always at work in Christ Jesus:


-->Praise God for our flat is still in good condition though rent and monthly electricity have gone up significantly--that God will provide and continue to enable us to bless others in the ministry of His Kingdom

-->Regular house meeting in Overcome township every Monday afternoon (picture shows the beginning, but trusting God for more to join in)

-->Preparations and students God has called for the upcoming School of Church Planting and Leadership (Sept. 26)

-->Continued support for the work in Lobone and Issore, as well as all across the new Republic of South Sudan...that the government leaders will work with people, both local and foreigners, to see the nation develop with the Word of God as the firm foundation stone...God may grant them wisdom and sense of accountability to Him and the people He has raised them to serve


Monson's said...

Hello Friends! So wonderful to hear about what God is doing in your lives and in Africa! We were just talking about how we miss you today. we found the "Africa" bracelet and Thank you. very sweet surprise. made me feel like a kid again. we will pray for you...we interview for MAF in one month. Wow, God is so faithful!

Bryan & Thandeka Whitlock said...

That is great to hear Monson was really a blessing to meet you and share our lives in simple fellowship even for such a brief period. We know the Lord has beautiful Kingdom-building plans for you to head up!
Much love, Whitlocks

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