Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Update on Issore (South Sudan) Outreach Location...

From what I have heard recently from our contacts in YWAM Arua (NW Uganda), things are progressing great in Lobone and Issore outreach locations (SE Sudan). The plot of land is beautiful and the buildings are for the most part complete in Lobone, at the base of the mountains. God has already expanded Bosco and William's ministry immensely [these were the two guys I was sitting between in the video clip now posted on our Youtube site] and they are really having an impact on both communities. They have begun the Bee-keeping project and have taught and distributed about 30 bee hives to people in Issore (the collective term for a number of Acholi-speaking villages marginalized up in the mountains). They are hoping to start having an established plot and housing in Issore starting January and aretrusting God for the finances to do this. The attached document gives some more details and pictures of the progress, giving God all the glory.

Thanks to the support of a family team from the states (2 brothers and their father), the plot in Lobone now has a rain catchment system and a bio-sand filter in place, and Issore has a ram pump working, bringing the water up the main hill so the people have access to better water. As Carl said (one of the brothers heading it up and whom we met with on the scouting trip earlier this year), "It was amazing to be working with the people and see God use the physical things to impact the spiritual."

Truly, this is a huge answer to prayer for Thandi and I to take in a church planting team later this year from the September school and be able to take the people deeper in the spiritual realm, knowing Christ as the highest authority and being able to prayerfully bring an understanding that His Body (the church) has a mission to drive out the darkness of this world and bring in the saving Light.

What is also really exciting is the fact that this water technology that has been installed is quite simple, and the local people have been there all along, approving of the projects and working alongside the missionaries to install them. Therefore, one of the basic elements for sustainable development is already actively in place, namely the taking of ownership on part of the local populace and training of the them to keep maintenance up.

PICTURE: Bosco and William Omal helping to install a new RAM water pump near one of the villages we will be working with by this coming January

On the homefront, Busi and I went for house visits to re-establish our relationships with families and individuals in Overcome township. We had met with the ladies in Grace Salon for devotions and praying for our Muslim neighbors during this time of increased devotion in Ramadhan, and then Thandi stayed on to take out her braids and begin a new hairstyle while I took Busi in the frontpack to catch some mid-day shuteye. By the time we had walked through Capricorn and got to the house of Cynthia (our former Woman of Peace in the last school's local outreach), Busi had awoken and was soon making friends with the grandson who is just a few months older than her! We ended up visiting four more homes until the mother (Thandi) called to inquire of our wellbeing and whereabouts, but I know it meant alot to the people to pray together and simply re-establish contact.

Some seeming fruit is the organizing with Auntie Cynthia of a number of her domestic abuse case clients desiring to meet together for prayer and fellowship (including some Muslims), so please keep Thandi and I in prayer to see this simple ministry pioneered and maintained through the school with the incoming students. On that note, please be praying for the upcoming School of Church Planting and Leadership which begins Sept. 26th, that God may bring the right students for just this time and place and for where we will be reaching out to in Jesus' Name. Amen!


-->Praise God for our flat is still in good condition though rent and monthly electricity have gone up significantly--that God will provide and continue to enable us to bless others in the ministry of His Kingdom

-->Regular house meeting in Overcome township every Monday afternoon

-->Preparations and students God has called for the upcoming School of Church Planting and Leadership (Sept. 26)

-->Continued support for the work in Lobone and Issore, as well as all across the new Republic of South Sudan...that the government leaders will work with people, both local and foreigners, to see the nation develop with the Word of God as the firm foundation stone...God may grant them wisdom and sense of accountability to Him and the people He has raised them to serve

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