Friday, July 29, 2011

Drought in Horn of Africa the Worst Since 1992...Our return to ministry in Cape Town

Entering a full month into a terrible drought that has sparked widespread famine across Somalia, eastern Ethiopia and Northeastern Kenya, it seems to be another refugee crisis with no feasible end in sight and children dying at an alarming daily rate. Recent figures put the number of Somalis fleeing into neighboring Ethiopia and Kenya at 3,000 people EVERYDAY (forgot to mention that key part in last email update)!

Let us continue to pray for the aid groups to be able to gain access to the most suffering peoples in al-Shabaab controlled Somalia, and for them to encounter the Lord Jesus as their Savior and Lord, the only One who suffered for all mankind to know their purpose (i.e. to enter into r/ship with Him)....John 12:32
I have put a link at the bottom of this post about a bit of what YWAM is doing in the region to meet the needs of the famine victims and bring true hope[just copy and paste into your browser, as I cannot get the link to work]:

PRAYER REQUEST: Hair Salon Ministry in Capricorn Township
On our part, Thandi and I are really looking forward to getting back into daily life and ministry in Kaapstad (Cape Town) this week, and especially the weekly fellowship we have with ladies from all over central-southern Africa in a shipping container painted pink for "Grace's Hair Salon." The first picture shows Grace (an Angolan national) holding Busi earlier this year during one of our Bible study/fellowship times. We hope to see them all together again this coming MOnday and then every Wednesday like we had before. Looking forward to giving updates on how they are growing in the Lord, and also on how we can connect more in reaching their husbands...

Also on the homefront, Thandi and I will be joining an Islamic teaching/reaching seminar at our base put on by a Nigerian colleague to grow in our understanding and heart for reaching these dear brothers and sisters. What an opportunity at just the right time!

Also had to make a point to post a pic to show we were able to celebrate Busi's 1st birthday with all of my father's family in Maryland and she was lovin all the attention!

We just opened a joint YouTube account under the username BryanThandi and hope you can check it out to see some videos we posted, including the short promo many of you saw on the work ahead in Issore, South Sudan and Busi’s 1-year slideshow…
The latest one shows Busi jumping into a pool and running around (plz excuse the wife's amateur videography:)

Saturday, July 9, 2011

South Sudan's First Independence Day....

The day has finally arrived and all the various peoples across southern Sudan and in the worldwide diaspora are celebrating the official breakaway of South Sudan from its oppressive northern counterpart. Once Africa's largest nation now splits in two, though anyone keen on studying the history of the nation and the government's primary strategy of divide and rule will quickly tell you that other marginalized peoples in the nation hold similar seccessionist aspirations.

Thandi and I were blessed to at least celebrate this big day with two southern Sudanese friends here in Bellingham, and sought to be very intentional in praying on behalf of the leaders of this young, undeveloped nation. While we observed other American friends present and asking questions about the way forward for Juba (the South's capital), we intervened in the debate over the importance of a clear constitution, accountability within the government, diversification of the national budget, investment in education, etc. and declared the supreme importance of joining with God's eternal purposes for this great land and its glorious peoples by submitting the way forward in prayer and trusting He will raise up the right leaders who recognize they are only there by God's sovereignty and their authority is given only by Him, whereby they will be held accountable to Him as they are commissioned to steward the land and its resources--and for the revelation that HUMANS are by far the most important resource in building a nation and ushering in true, creative development. And for all the people, no matter their background, to know the Lord's desire for relationship with them, that He may lavish His love and purpose upon them, receiving the call He has on their very valuable lives.

I also wanted to share some of my thoughts on how this popular vote for secession in South Sudan relates to all the revolutions that the masses have initiated across the Arab world, and particularly about what is going on in Libya right now. Soon to come....inshallah