Saturday, March 12, 2011

Visiting the Logut people of Issore (Acholi Mountains), South Sudan

Below are a few photos that gives you an idea of the people we were able to reach, hear their felt needs, and minister into some of their unfelt needs. We are now praying about long-term partnership into this area...

Some of the children in Lobone town (you can tell those in school and those not), at the base of the Acholi mountains, once a Sudan People's Liberation Army stronghold
The foundations have started for a YWAM base in Lobone to receive teams and give support to the development work among the Logut in the mountains just north:
Some the Logut women who came up to greet us as we took a much-needed break on the way up to the first (of seven) villages of Issore
Myself with the head (only) primary schoolteacher in the village of Kamayokongo (Acholi for 'Grab the alcohol') with the soccer field behind us (which also served as our sleeping grounds); the school had just gotten burned to the ground from a recent bushfire that got out of control


Dietlinde Fabian said...

Bryan and Thandi, I'm just discovering your blog. Wow, love the great colorful pics. Helps me to picture your life. Congratulations, what a beautiful boy.

Cynthia Mathai said...

Great photos, Bryan! There's so much irony in the photo of you in the "India" shirt. An American living in South Africa with a shirt with India printed on it. Ah, the joys of globalization.

Praying for you and Thandi's progress as you listen to the leading of the Holy Spirit.

He goes before you.