Saturday, November 20, 2010

Reaching Out to the Muslims in this generation

This past week I had the privilege of teaching on a subject that the Lord is giving me an increasing passion for as I make more Muslim friends and read up more on all the ways they are kept bound in a system that says God is distant and quick to judge.
This was my first time to teach in a week seminar format, though I felt I needed to incorporate some who have been in ministry reaching out to Muslims and sharing the truth about Jesus CHrist to them, and so I invited a Nigerian brother studying for his doctorate to come and share his insights. It was especially insightful because he came out of a strong Muslim background where the community is quick to kill anyone who comes to follow the truth of Jesus. What is amazing and what I incorporated into my teachings is the fact that Jesus is referred to in the Qur'an as Isa al-Masih ('Jesus the Messiah') 11 times, in addition to being given the titles KallamtaAllah ('Word of God') and RohoyuAllah ('Spirit from God'). I also incorporated some of the video testimonies known as More Than Dreams, which are miraculous stories of Jesus appearing to Muslims around the world and saving them from a very oppressive system.

It was a great learning experience for me to teach over a period of time and see the students grow in their compassion for Muslim peoples and truly believing God will lead them by His grace to speak into the lives of many while on their outreach.

The team photo are the students going for the 3-month outreach from England, USA, Germany, South Africa and South Korea. We also have a Brasilian student, but he needs to get back to serve his church in Brasil.

Lastly, we had to share that we already received news that Busi's South African passport is in for pick-up! Now it only remains to aquire the Unabridged Birth Certificate so that we can put in the application for her US Passport before traveling next April/May. Shukran Rabi Yeshua al-Masih (Thank you Lord Jesus)!

And thank you all for your continued support in our lives and the overall mission God has called us to as a family. Enjoy the family pic (when Busi came to visit me after my first day of teaching).

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