Friday, October 1, 2010

Church Planting School Among the Unreached 2010 Underway...

We just finished up our first week of Introduction and Imparting the Vision of Muizenberg's fifth School of Cross-Cultural Strategic Missions (aka Church Planting school). We have a total of seven students from five different nations, and it has been great to see the hunger and passion for making Christ known that they have brought with them. I will soon be getting a class photo posted and they themselves are preparing media to let people know what they will be doing and who they will be targeting on their outreach. In the meantime, I am responsible to lead them in local outreach where we had started a simple house church network amidst a nearby informal settlement called Overcome.

I (Bryan) have written previously about the fruit seen thus far and our vision for a CPM (Church Planting Movement) among the people, who have settled there from all over South Africa. Just last week, Robario, Simon (the other staff in Church Planting school with me) and I had the privilege to lead two Zulu brothers to receive Jesus into their hearts and begin a fresh life led by His grace. The DTS will be doing follow-up with this home and the area, while our CP school will head into a new part of the community to seek out a man/woman of peace that further spread the power of the gospel among these desperate souls. The fields are definitely ripe for the harvest as people are crying to God for breakthroughs!

The pictures below are from a major soccer/netball clinic we helped out at towards the end of World Cup, when all the children were on school break. This big event had over 1000 kids and was held at Fish Hoek High School. The last picture shows me and a Brazilian volunteer from Samaritan's Feet posing after refereeing a tight match:

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