Saturday, September 18, 2010

Interceding for Sudan

As the date for the end of the referendum power-sharing government between North and South Sudan rapidly approaches (set for Jan.9, 2011), there is a lot of skepticism and debate going around about what will be best for the nation of Sudan as well as the surrounding region. In sharing its borders with nine different African countries who have all borne witness to its nearly 50-year long civil war, it is no wonder that Africa is engaged in seeing the coming vote progress smoothly and with beneficial results. The main question on everyone's mind is: Will the South remain united to the North or will it secede to become the youngest nation in the world? And immediately following that: Will its secession bring any real change for the betterment of Sudan's citizens, both northerners and southerners?

Thandi and I were privileged to have the opportunity to lead a time of intercession for Sudan at the much larger YWAM Worcester base this previous week. It was really amazing to be able to put into practice some of the skills we learned in our Leading by the Spirit seminar right after completing it! The questions we posed to our multicultural prayer participants were as follows:
-What is God's heart towards the referendum and where the people of Sudan are at right now?
-What is the truth about the current situation?

This still kept it very broad but we wanted to make sure we heard from God first what was on His heart to pray for that morning, instead of immediately narrowing it down to Government, the Church, etc. It is amazing to first see how the people engaged with the Spirit at 8am, so much that various leaders came up to us after praying for us as a couple and expressed their surprise. But we had been praying the night before specifically for this. Secondly, we got to witness God bringing together many parts of His love and plans for Sudan through many different nations. There was a major focus on activating PRAISE for Yahweh alone, as the one true Redeemer and Lover of the peoples of Sudan. There was also a clear calling for Sudan believers to rise up as warriors and be sent out to the unreached, forsaking all to see the lost come to Christ.

Overall, it was a blessed time that we could see many wanted to carry on with, though the time slot didn't allow for it. However, we will be following up with them as a base before we head out on our trip next year to spy the land once again and renew contacts and make new ones. We also one girl come up who we shared her burning heart for the Sudanese, and we prayed for God's leading of her and her own personal intercession as she cried freely for the Sudanese. It was wonderful to be seeing in the spirit some of the devil's grip being inevitably loosened as we proclaimed God's supreme greatness and spoke it His heart over Sudan.

We are currently compiling a document of all the words we have received for Sudan in our various intercession times and seeking the Prayer/Worship Department's advice on how to continue to hold this nation before God's gracious throne. This next Monday I also have the opportunity to lead our base in intercession for Somalia, which is today operating like three nations in one, and will be excited to see what God speaks over the destiny of this fragmented nation and its precious peoples.