Friday, April 9, 2010

Praying for Sudan's National Elections April 11th...

Thandi (6 months pregnant) with Nelli, her sister

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Yes, the time is here. Really, I can't believe how fast time is moving, both in personal/family life and global events. This Sunday the stage has been set for Sudan to vote for all seats of government in the disjointed nation for the first time in two decades, in spite of protests and allegations of rigging and the impossibilities of fairness. But even the UN's pleas to postpone the elections have not been heeded, and the show must go on. While the importance of this vote pales in comparison to the referendum vote set for January 2011 to determine the future of North-South relations in southerners' minds, it still is being widely watched internationally.
A major development is that of the primary opposition party, the Umma party, claiming they will boycott elections, which would most definitely put the ongoing President Omar al-Bashir firmly in control of claiming the victory.

What is the role of believers in such elections as these, where it looks almost certainly that nothing much will change? Do we just accept it as inevitable or push in believing God's justice to shine through from the spiritual into the physical realm? These are some of the questions Thandi and I have been wrestling with as we pray for this nation of special inheritance for us. Please pray with us in this transitional period for Sudan, and especially for its citizens to seek out God for their role in bringing godly change to their nation.

In more personal news of return from outreach in Kenya and preparations for the baby come, you can view the email update I send out. If you keep up on this blog but do not receive the email updates, please let me know ASAP so that I can add you!
Blessings from the Whitlock family (Thandi, Bryan and baby to come) in South Africa...

Oh yes, thanks to all your responses of commitment to be praying for us before we headed to Kenya. We are now organizing this and will get back to you.