Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Preping for Outreach to Western Kenya...

Hamjambo watu wangu (Greetings my people)...

Esh, it feels good to get back to speaking the East African language of Kiswahili (a trade language that formed from the Arabs mixing with the local Bantu dialects). Though Thandi and I didn't really see it coming, we are seeing God challenging us to take a team to a nation that has become apart of me in many ways.

Thandi and I are growing increasingly excited/expectant about leading one of the four 10-week outreaches our school will be taking. The locations we settled upon after much group prayer and then prayer together as leaders are Thailand, India, Kenya and South Africa/Swaziland. We will be leading the Kenya team after feeling a call to that country because of increased contacts with some brothers in the refugee camps near the Somali border. However, we have since found out that that region is still very insecure at this time, especially for a team of foreigners to go in, largely because the Somali jihadist group known as al-Shabbab (‘the youth’ in Arabic) have been known to cross the border to recruit and have also kidnapped/killed Westerners. I have long known the danger for Westerners in and around southern Somalia, but still believe there will be a time God calls us to go there and pray over the land and people.

For outreach, we are planning to target Kakamega first (just north of Kisimu), and then up past Lodwar and maybe to Loki:

Our team makeup is one American (me), one German, one Swede, one Kenyan and three South Africans, thus 7 in total. While there is still some time before we head off (around Christmastime), we shall have many times to intentionally meet and wait on God to see that His heart purpose is accomplished for us as a team. We are particularly praying into the possibility of travelling up the western edge of Kenya and up to the border of Sudan, maybe even working in another major refugee camp called Kakuma, where many of the Sudanese Lost Boys found refuge in before being placed in the USA and other countries. We will keep you posted on what God speaks to us as a team about this, and the reality is likely that we will have to gauge where we are at in the battle once in Kenya.

This past week has been some amazing teaching on God’s grace that is so much bigger than any effort man can make on his own strength to live a righteous life. What really stuck out for me was the costliness of sin and that sin is the most powerful force in this world either than the incarnate Christ. The reality is the believer is declared righteous (Romans 4:24) upon placing their faith in Christ, and this will always be the case. We will be overwhelmed by sin (destructive habits) unless we place our trust in the Lord who created us for life in Him, for there is no other.
This coming week everyone is excited to be travelling to another YWAM campus in the Eastern Cape province, about an 8-hour drive east along the coast in a small surfing town called Jeffrey’s Bay. The reason for going is to join with several other DTSs and missionaries to celebrate God’s heart for the nations in an annual event called Nations 2 Nations (, which seeks to celebrate nations and how God redeems elements of every tribe and people group to worship Him in our diversity. Thandi has been to one of these events before, but I am not sure what to fully expect. I do know we are sleeping in tents, and will have plenty of time for fellowship around volleyball, food and cultural expressions.

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Cynthia Mathai said...

Praying for your outreach, Bryan and Thandi, and all that surrounds the planning!

The Lord goes with you. -Deut. 31:8

Thx for reaching my people! :)