Thursday, September 24, 2009

Praying for the Roots of Africa's Conflicts

Victims of the LRA attacks have said that they will often attack on Sunday mornings, as the villagers are gathering to churches like the Roman Catholic one below (I took the photo in South Sudan while staffing there; it was during this time that the LRA had crossed into Sudan for the first time then)

In an article entitled "Fear level rises as LRA rebels return", the public once again becomes aware of one of the longest and most gruesome ongoing conflicts in the world. []

It is so sad to receive news (which is very often quite late in this part of the world) once again of the notoriously scattered and decentralized Lord's Resistance Army now regathering its forces in the Central African Republic, terrorizing rural villages all the way from its original headquarters in north Uganda.

Let us keep in prayer to halt this spiritual carnage of the enemy that has manifested itself in the physical for many generations now. I believe a major part in getting to the roots of Africa's conflicts has to do with addressing the false worldview and culture of fear/submission the majority of peoples grow up in. It is well known that Joseph Kony and his field commanders in the LRA and other 'rebels without a cause' receive power to allude national armies and continue in their destructive agenda from demons and forces of darkness. There is a covenant they knowingly make with the demonic world which enables the devil to use them to "steal, kill and destroy" in exchange for access to supernatural powers. People, including Christians, still live in fear of these demonic powers to this day, despite being preached to about Jesus overcoming the power of the evil one. These terrible conflicts continue to rage on in large part because Christians in rural Africa largely are not aware of their authority in Christ Jesus. How else can you explain church services being repeatedly broken up and many believers being killed without knowing why? As believers, all over the world, we must know we are daily in an intense spiritual battle, and yet the Spirit is always waiting, willing to show His power as the Lord of Hosts leading on His angelic infantry...
Let us intercede on behalf of these defenseless ones who have only received a partial Gospel, boldly approaching the throne of grace, uniting our prayers with the Great Intercessor, Jesus Himself. For there is no power greater on the face of this earth than the living out of the Gospel of Jesus Christ (1 John 4:4). Let us pray for light of this Truth to be shed in the darkness of these regions, for wherever true light shines, the darkness must flee...Let us pray for the Lord's warriors to rise up in their authority in Christ Jesus, the Victorious One, to cut at the root the schemes of the evil one.

More reflections on this later...

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