Friday, September 11, 2009

Praying for Possible Outreach to Penetrate the Unreached in the Horn of Africa...

Two days ago I came across this online article that gives a great history of the ongoing civil conflict in what the outside world knows as Somalia since its disintegration in 1991. It is entitled "Somalia: Who is Fighting Whom"
As you can see from the basic map above, in recent years Somalia, though just as ethnically united as ever, has split up along ideological lines into three fairly distinct regions. Without a doubt, the remaining Somalia of the south is still the most chaotic and violent, with a continued outflow of refugees over the border into neighboring Kenya. It is in this region of NE Kenya that the UNHCR has seen it necessary to set up a network of camps to meet the basic needs of the increasing refugees. It is also this region that Thandeka and I are praying about taking a portion of the next DTS to in December of this year. While 90% of the refugees are Somali nationals, there are also a number of Ethiopians and Sudanese mixed in who I know meet together for fellowship and Bible study on a regular basis.

This is an exciting possibility for us as a new couple, especially since it is on the doorstep of our long-term vision of discipling southern Sudanese to reach the unreached specifically in the Horn of Africa region. We are expecting 30 students, including 2 married couples and a Kenyan brother, which will be one of the largest YWAM Muizenberg has had in many years! We are full of expectation for what God has in store for us as a Body and through individual revelation of WHo He is.

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Steve Loeppky said...

This is super exciting. I can't wait to hear where God leads you guys in this.