Monday, August 31, 2009

It is such a blessing to have family where you are at...

As many have been asking, the next DTS at our base (we run four a year back-to-back) that Thandi and I will be staffing commences on 27th September, and will follow the theme of Identity and Freedom in CHrist alone based off of Galatians 5. We have really enjoyed the time away from base to get settled in, but will now start full-time with staff training next Monday.

THe photos above are of Merlyn and Mario Milhomem, a Brazilian couple who were the first ones we officially hosted in our new flat! The four of us sitting down on the sofa is in our nice and spacious living room. [We even had all the September schools staff over for a dinner because we seem to have the most space, which Thandi loves.] They are also newlyweds and co-lead a base in Goiania, central Brazil. [You can see their own blog at with many more pictures of Africa than ours, even though they have just been here a month:] I knew Mario from when I first came to Muizenberg in 2006, whereby we both were the first students in the newly-pioneered School of Cross-Cultural Strategic Missions (SCCSM). While I am not still directly involved in that school, it will be running again at the same time as the Discipleship School Thandi and I will be staffing, and I am very grateful for the foundational principles and training I received to be better equipped to pioneer ministries in a frontiers context, reaching out to undiscipled and even unengaged people groups. But now I am getting off the point of this specific blog. Forgive me.

As the title hints at, we were so blessed by our local YWAM family and local friends this past Saturday night when one of them organized a Housewarming Party for Thandi and I. We were thrilled to have so many come that it was literally a challenge to move from one person to the next, fellowshipping together. We were blessed not only with their presence and prayers, but many also came with desserts and house items we were still very much in need of. We thank the Lord for HIs faithfulness in our lives through those He has placed around us, both near and far off.

The Zimbabwean brother touching the custom-fit coffee table/dresser he fashioned to give our new apartment some homemade African style. He sells his items at the local Sunday flea market alongside many other Africans. The majority of shopkeepers here, however, are Cape Coloureds with a Muslim background which we are seeking to reach through building relationships, doing face painting, etc. Every Sunday a group of us go from the base for the whole day. Amazingly, almost every Sunday is indeed sunny here![You can see our car, Esmeralda, in the background, which, at that time, was suffering with a complete pancha (flat tire) from something I drove over.]

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