Thursday, July 9, 2009

News on Sudan and....Wedding Preparations

Over the past few years in YWAM Sudan, numerous staff members have gained a heart to bring the School of Biblical Studies (SBS) to Sudan. This nine-month YWAM school equips students to study the Bible inductively and draw out eternal truths for themselves and their people. There is a huge need for this in Sudan due to the lack of discipleship in the churches and wrong teachings being spread. One of the staff in southern Sudan has completed an SBS in Uganda. We now have three members of staff in northern Sudan who would like to travel to Egypt to take part in this course. The hope is that we could start at least one SBS in Sudan in the next few years and maybe two. The one in northern Sudan would need to be done completely in Arabic as that is what the people read and write, while in southern Sudan it would need to be done in English.

The cost for travel and the nine-month school in Egypt is around $2000 US. These Sudanese students would take part in the school in Egypt with the plan of starting in the school in Sudan in the future. Pray that God would make a way for these three to take part in the school. Also ask God to use the SBS as a tool to build up the Body of Christ in Sudan so they can be a greater blessing to their people. If you would like to give to this project, donations can be sent to: Sudanese Strategic Alliance, PO BOX 60579, Colorado Springs, CO 80960. Please make checks payable to "YWAM" and do not write "Sudan" anywhere on the check. Enclose a note that states "Sudan- SBS" so we can know what the money is designated for. Or you can go online to to make a donation.

Some of you from my homechurch may remember me sharing about the SBS and part of my heart in helping introduce it to the church in Sudan when I shared about my vision back in September 2008 (I emphasize some of you). Thandeka and I both felt led during our separate outreaches to do the SBS-Core Course offered at YWAM Muizenberg last year, and it was a great experience full of revelations from the Lord. We actually just had our nine-month school graduate last week.
Let us pray together for these Sudanese students to complete this course, and for how God will coordinate YWAMers from all over to pioneer this school in Sudan.

News and Current Issues
1. South Sudan fighting sparks fears of wider conflict

NASIR, Sudan (AFP) — Thick lines of sweat run down the face of Peter Gatwech as he clutches the dressing around the bullet hole in his belly. "I was hit by the guns of the soldiers when we were fighting," said the 24-year old cattle keeper from the Jikany branch of the Nuer people, his voice quivering with pain. The young man is one of 33 wounded from the latest round of vicious fighting in southern Sudan who have received treatment in the hospital in Nasir, an impoverished town of mud and thatch huts in Upper Nile state.

"They were sending supplies to the Luo, and we had to stop them," he added, referring to a rival Nuer people whose lands border Jikany territory. Gatwech was with several hundred armed Jikany men who launched an attack in mid-June on a river convoy of 30 barges carrying United Nations food aid, killing at least 40 of the 150 southern soldiers acting as its escort. At least three boats were sunk and over 700 tons of grain and other supplies for the UN's World Food Program were looted.

For the complete article, please visit: AFP

This is the latest in a series of deadly incidents throughout southern Sudan. Some observers say it is just tribal rivalries boiling over again. Others accuse the Government of Sudan of arming certain groups to create instability ahead of elections next year. Most of these conflicts are taking place in a region of Sudan where most people call themselves Christians. Pray that pastors and churches will take a leading role in living out forgiveness and reconciliation.

Sudanese Strategic Alliance

The above update was for last week. On the homefront here in South Africa, Thandi and I (along with lovely Rebecca, one of her bridesmaids from Switzerland) are excited to be receiving my best man, Joel (fresh, or rather dirty, off a backpacking trip around South America), and my two parents and sister. My supportive sister, Kristin, will also be coming with her adorable daughter, Emma, who will also be our little flower girl. It is a challenge getting accomodation and furniture all sorted with our new place, but the Lord is in control and we surrender each day to Him.
I look forward to updating you all after the wedding and honeymoon! God bless you to be a blessing wherever you are--He has a great purpose in it.

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I have aspirations for Sudanese missions and was referred to you by Marysol Blomerus as someone who might be able to answer some questions. If you have the time (after the wedding) to write a few emails back and forth, I'd really appreciate any help you can lend. You can comment on my blog or email me at

Thanks and God bless you in the work you're doing.

Matt Appling