Sunday, June 28, 2009

Umdlalo khakhulu [Big Game]: USA vs. Brazil TOnight!

Well, the mighty US of A has shocked the football (soccer) world in advancing to the finals of the 2009 FIFA Confederations CUp, here in lovely South Africa...
After two brutal defeats against Italy (3-1) and Brazil (3-0) in the first round, our boys in red, white and blue showed the stamina of America and fought back to beat Egypt (the champions of Africa) incredibly 3-0, and then, even more incredibly, Espana (the champions of Europe and coming in ranked No.1 in the world) 2-0.
Unfortunately, it seems the team of referees have had to meet a certain quota in issuing red cards to Team USA (they have had one nearly every match), pulling it out when a cautionary yellow card was plenty to still keep control of the match and for the degree of foul committed. As a result, the US goes into the match with the Samba Kings (Brazil) missing one of their starting mid-fielders on a lame foul at the end of last match. But America will not let that be an excuse!

It has been great surrounded by soccer fans here in South Africa (South Africans themselves have to the best fans in the world w/their costumes and vuvuzelas, i.e. local plastic trumpets that are incredibly loud and in the process of being banned--fat chance, for they cheer on any nation with equal fervor; they simply love to be at the game!). I know the World Cup will be about 10x the excitement next year, even if I won't be able to see a match live. It will still be great orchestrating ministry with teams coming from many nations, and seeing matches on big screens in public squares.
For more on Confed. Cup (like what it is) visit:

In other news, Thandeka is still back at home in Joburg, finalizing preparations for the wedding (though I talk with her nearly every night, and are helping things along). I have signed a year-lease for our apartment, and she will be coming to Cape Town briefly on July 5th to help set up the place and receive my family before driving back up for the wedding. Exciting times filled with many changes, and I thank God for His limitless grace!

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