Tuesday, May 12, 2009

All is Well (and Hectic) in EGoli (Johannesburg)

Hello all,

I am writing a brief update to let you know I have made it safely back to beautiful South Africa, the Rainbow Nation! Despite a little bout with the swine flu on the way (not really), I was still able to meet up with a former colleague in Frankfurt before continuing onto my lovely bride-to-be.

It has now been almost a week, and a very hectic one indeed. After much bargaining, God has blessed Thandi and I with a bright green '97 Nissan Sentra in fairly good condition. It has been essential for all the running around to arrange wedding details, and we are so grateful to all the support we received to enable us to buy one. We must now be good stewards to be able to resale after our two years with the YWAM Muizenberg base.

After some work to be done on the vehicle to make it roadworthy for the long trip south, I will drive alone to Cape Town to begin staffing at the base once again and setting up living arrangements for us after the wedding. I also will be able to receive my family and best man in Cape Town in early July before we make the drive back up to Jozi ('Egoli' in Zulu, which means 'place of gold') for the wedding.

We appreciate your prayers for my drive south and I will for sure update further with pictures upon arrival at the base. Thandi sends her love and appreciates prayers for not stressing too much! (She is really doing well, actually, and we even drove to the countryside venue this last Saturday to confirm our booking.)

God bless you all and love to hear any comments!


Cynthia Mathai said...

And you will be dubbed, "the guy that brought swine flu to Africa." A great way to re-enter the continent. Jokes, just jokes.

I am thrilled beyond words for you and Thandi and your upcoming wedding! I do hope that the wedding details work out just as they should.

Glad you made it back safely.

Steve Loeppky said...


I'm super stoked you made it back to the mother continent. Sounds like a lot on the go between now and July. We're praying for you guys. Can't wait to here how everything goes (and see some pictures of some hot dance moves)!

Game on!