Thursday, April 23, 2009

South Africa Elections 2009

So I am all set to head back to South Africa on May 3 (though won't reach Jozi until the 5th, after a brief 13-hour layover in Frankfurt where I will be able to catch up with a former colleague in the Church Planting school who is now a full-time Youth Pastor). I have been blessed to see so many of you in this extended time back, and so grateful you could see what I see in my lovely fiance Thandeka as well:) The wedding invitation is still open to all (if you are really looking for a place to let go and dance into the night) in Lenasia, Johannesburg on July 25!

Second, yesterday marked the 4th democratic national election for the Republic of South Africa, and a very interesting one indeed since many of the first-time voters (and there are a lot) are the first generation not to have been raised at the height of apartheid and separate development policies that plagued the land for so long, and thus are not as necessarily inclined to support hands-down the liberating African National Congress party. The main opposition party is hewn from this ruling party and goes by the name of Cope (Congress of the People). I am not sure about the latter's leader, but know ANC's Zuma has been on trial for a number of charges and is thus very questionable (though he still holds a lot of loyalty). SO I encourage you all to check out hte results in the next couple of days, and keep praying for the nation to go forward into the destiny God has for it (incl. hosting the World Cup next year!)
South Sudan, still a semi-autonomous region in larger Sudan, will hold elections later this year, but many of the educated Sudanese of the diaspora are skeptical of there being any real change. THe real testing time will be at the end of the CPA interim government period in 2011. But be in prayer anyways, asking God for gracious intervention and progress to see His purposes envisioned by the leaders of this great land of promise!

Further Prayer Requests:
Thandi is currently visiting family in neighboring Mozambique (where she was born) and paying respects at her grandfather's grave (who passed away some years back, but she had not been able to go until now). Thank you for your prayers for her safety (as she is traveling alone), and to meet up with all God has for her.

I will be with Thandi and the family in Johannesburg for the first week or so, hoping to buy a used car with a good resale value, and then make my way down to Cape Town to begin working at the YWAM Muizenberg base once again and searching for a place we can stay for the next two years. I will be on general staff, but when Thandi comes after the wedding, we will both be in the Discipleship Training Department and focusing on the upcoming school.

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