Saturday, April 25, 2009

"Be the duck"....

My Dad and his paddling buddy racing in the African Queen (check out the pitiful African design)

I thought it was about time I had a little more catchy title to one of these blogposts. The waters of Lake Whatcom have warmed up enough that I was finally able to get out with my father on his new double surf-ski (racing kayak) made in and sent from South Africa, appropriately dubbed the "African Queen" by him and his paddling buddy here in Bellingham. It's pretty cool that my dad will be able to paddle the Great White shark-infested waters of False Bay and around Cape Town when the fam comes over for the wedding. In fact, where I will return to staff and live in YWAM Muizenberg, the little seaside town of Fish Hoek which serves as headquarters for world-class surf-skiers is only a couple train stations away.

Paddling really increased my respect for my father in how easy he makes it look. After only about 5 minutes of going at it, striving to keep in sync with his strokes, I was dog-tired! But I persevered (with his encouragement), and we had a great 1-hour paddle, without dumping in the lake once! Even so, I was glad to have the wet-suit because I was constantly getting splashed and sitting in a good-sized puddle. I am thrilled to get so much use out of the suit, which I bought off Ebay for the sole purpose of surfing when I get back to the Cape's frigid waters.

Ok, so how does all this relate to the title of this post? I'll tell you. When we did hit some rough waters and some waves coming at us from the side, my dad instinctively called back to me, "Be the duck!" After some initial confusion, I caught the sense of what he was saying (though I was a bit surprised my Dad was so down with all the hip paddling lingo). When you observe a duck floating on the water, when a wave comes, they simply roll with them and don't struggle to keep their balance or head above the water. The same rule must hold true with us.

I thank the good Lord for the great day we had, and will be writing next from the beautiful and promising nation of South Africa!

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