Sunday, January 11, 2009

Many Thanks/Siyabonga Khakhulu for our Engagement Reception at BPC, Bellingham!

Thandeka and I were overwhelmed with the loving support we received in abundance last night at our engagement reception. More than that, the evidence that God's glory was at the centre of it all. Held at my home church, Birchwood Presbyterian (, it was far more than we had expected. Much family and friends rallied together in the effort to keep it at a minimal cost, while still maintaining a high-class feel.

LEFT: Thandi and my everloving sister (as she always signs off herself in the numerous cards she has given me over the years), Kristin, showing off their near matching dresses before the big event. I am so blessed to have both of these strong women of God in my life.

We especially want to thank Steve and Julie Clarke for teaming up to make it a very entertaining and beautiful night, along with Steve Moore for providing centre piece arrangements and classy ID cards for each delectable dessert dish (which my church family generously provided in great variety).

From Janice Bethman helping to string up lights at the last-minute and the Kettmans making the coffee happen to late-comers happily putting up more tables and my Uncle Clifford coming all the way from Maryland to single-handedly clean up ALL the dishes, it was a night of African and American cultures fusing to the glory of God. And I believe that to the core of my heart. Not to mention the fact that I looked very 'smart' (as African English speakers commonly say it). I owe that to my brother-in-law, Jamey (from Team Blakely), giving me a pin-stripe suit right beforehand to make sure I at least looked like I knew what I was doing.

We realize many of you that support us could not make it, but we still cherish your prayers for our new life together as one, to be a witness to the nations of what God had in mind when he created the family. The challenges that are inherent in cross-cultural marriages gives that much more room for the Lord Jesus to shine through in what we cannot do on our own strength, and we are praying the traditional wedding will really honor Thandeka's family and give glory to the Lover of all cultures.

We really look forward to keeping in good communication with all of you, and pray the Lord's blessing (not what you think is 'blessings') in this new year to the glory of Our Father!

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