Saturday, August 16, 2008

Leaving Tomorrow Morning Bright & Early for X-Country Trip w/the Rents

Thandeka and I fresh after our return from respective outreaches in Sudan and N. Uganda back in March: GOOD NEWS!!!!! I hardly believe it, but God is able and has done it through your prayers--Thandeka, from her first interview with the US Consulate, has already been approved to get her Visa to the states. So, now, we are looking for a semi-afforable flight for mid-November, and planning for our time together to be filled with a formal Engagement Party of sorts and some American pre-marital counseling before heading back to South Africa together next year. Mungu ni mwananifu... (God is faithful!)

Myself with my blessed parents enjoying time with extended family in Ocean City, Maryland (Note the 21ft-kayak we shall haul back across our beautiful nation)

An earlier family picture with baby Emma, my sister, Kristin, and brother-in-law, Jayme

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Cynthia Mathai said...


Thanks for the bike offer, but I think I need a comfort bike or road bike more so than a mountain one. Thanks a lot, though!!

Congrats on your engagement and the visa acquisition. That is a miracle that it happened that fast.
I can't wait to hear of the kind of wedding you have. Especially after your comment at my house a year ago, "The way we do weddings here in the States is ridiculous!" Time to prove how it'd be done the Bryan Whitlock way.

Ubarikiwe sana ndugu. Labda tutaonana ukipitia Portland miezi miwili kutoka leo.