Thursday, July 31, 2008

Yes, it is true, I am engaged...God is good...

Next to the only blossoming pink flowers in the whole Drakensberg (meaning 'Dragon Mountains' in Afrikaans, and also called Ukhahlamba in the local Zulu language roughly meaning 'Battlement of Spears') during this bleak winter on the highveldt, I popped the big question--actually I had to ask twice because she was laughing from surprise the first time.
But, anyhow, it is done and now only remains for talks about the lobola (brideprice) next year before the wedding can take place. We have begun the process of trying to get her US Visa for Thandi to visit my family and see where I come from before we head back to South Africa together and join back up with YWAM Muizenberg.

Some Pics of Daily Life Around Maputo, Mozambique

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Time of Prayer & Reflection in Preparation for Future Ministry

Our base took part in a very prophetic international prayer/fasting day on May 8th about being apart of the Fourth Wave of Missions. This wave is to cover much more ground than the previous three since the founding of modern missions with William Carey in 1796 by involving all nations—God’s people being sent from all nations to all nations.
I found myself reflecting as I praised God for His sovereign redemption plan among the nations that in order for me to consistently walk in awareness of the Spirit and the fear of the Lord, I need to stir in myself the spirit of prayer for initiations greater than myself. This is what carries me through each week with an eternal perspective, and I found God telling me I am not engaging in these fruitful times with Him nearly enough for what He wants me to be apart of.

The Three Waves of Missions thus far:
1) 1796 – William Carey, “the father of modern missions”, went to the fringes/coasts of unreached lands
2) 1885 – Hudson Taylor, of China Interior Mission, reached the interior of unreached lands
3) 1974 – Lausanne Covenant, where unreached peoples were quantified and goals set to reach all

And here is the gist of the 4th:
4) 2000 – “From the nations to the nations” with a focus on youth being raised up in all nations of the world, rich and poor, to be ministers of Christ’s hope and transformation; also emphasis on UNITY of the Body through such initiatives as Call2All
Call2All in Africa will have its first major campaign in Uganda, “the pearl of Africa” as Sir Winston Churchill coined it. It will focus on what God wants to do IN Africa & what God wants to do FROM Africa
-the streams of Prayer and Missions, formerly in their own domains within the Body, are now flowing as one mighty river, with prayer as the furnace to move with the Holy Spirit in fulfilling our Lord’s Great Commission
-It is only through continued steadfast prayer that we will go to the nations, and others will receive the nations in the spirit of Christ Jesus

The YWAM Initiative Call2All is at the centre of this 4th wave, working together with church leaders and youth from around the world. Read more at Their goals are:
Form a cohesive network to work in synergy to reach the unreached and work towards completing the Great Commission
Help ministers around the world cross-pollinate and share best methods and practices with each other, especially as regards Africa.
To use a common global map to identify the greatest needs and win the least reached.
To prayerfully commit to goals in evangelism, church planting, reaching the unreached (or marginalized/neglected people groups), sending oral Bible teams and adopting omega zones [Omega Zone is a division made according to an area of the world which is unreached; not a geographic country but a division of some of the lease reached countries.]
Those reflections were back in May, and now, just last Saturday in Pretoria (the administrative capital of South Africa), I just attended a unique conference centered on the South African church’s involvement in Sudan with the theme “Building God’s Kingdom together in Sudan”. I even had a chance to go in front of these other organizations and share about the recent church planting mission I led to Malakal in Upper Nile State and encouraged us all to partner for true development in this nation of great promise. It was really great to network with some already very involved in South Sudan and pray together for strategies in the future.
My Vision:
The heart of the ministry/vision in Sudan is training up leaders to train others in God's heart for the nations from a center in Sudan that can be partnered with the YWAM Muizenberg base I have been involved with in Cape Town, South Africa. Such teaching will really bring transformation in a country where tribalism is intensifying with the south's newfound political freedoms and lack of discipleship in how best to utilize their resources for long-term growth and sustainability. Before returning to work in South Sudan I am also praying about doing a short-term Community Development training at the beginning of next year, which I will post you on as the time draws nearer and I know more about it.