Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Prayer Requests for Zimbabwe

As time draws near to depart for the beautiful land and people of Zimbabwe, I admittedly have felt an increasing sense of uneasiness about a smooth entry into this nation of political turmoil and fear. Any officials under Mugabe will be very suspicious of me being a foreign journalist at this crucial time before the final election runoff where Mugabe will do everything he can to keep shameful information from leaking out to the international community. Because of this I have requested the brother I am visiting me to write an official looking letter of invitation to stay with his family and work with the community. Thank you all for prayers for safety and God’s favor, but even more that I may be a vessel for God’s encouragement to come and bring the people great hope and eternal perspective in the midst of suffering. In addition, please pray for my connection in Bulawayo on the way to Mutare. I have been advised by leadership here not to do any ministry explicitly with the YWAM base there because of the authorities shutting down many NGOs with international connections. Pray for that base to continue on in the same perseverance our Lord exemplified on his journey to the cross for a much greater purpose than His own life.
Our Lord Jesus still has a great call upon the nation and people of Zimbabwe, the former "bread basket of Africa". I look forward to sharing the results of the trip with you when I return to Jo'burg around 4-5 July (Pray also for that return and possible stop at World Vision base at border to check on projects my home church are investing in for the Kingdom)

Picture at bottom: A very recent, yet nearly expired Zimbabwe fifty million dollar bill (the rate is so fickle that I cannot find any way to find out how much that is in USD; not much though) I acquired from a Shona brother here at the base: issued in April 2008 and expiring on June 30, 2008


Manis said...

dude for the past couple of weeks i've been waiting to hear from you, i commented on your old blog thinking that was the one you were using. anyway, i felt peace about things so i did'nt fret, but i'm glad your good.


Barb said...

Hi Bryan,
You will certainly be in my prayers as you leave for Zimbabwe. It sounds a like there may be some challenges, but God will be faithful.

By the way, Thandeka is beautiful!